Ramya row: Now, exhibitors ban Ganesh's movies

Ramya row: Now, exhibitors ban Ganesh's movies

Actors, not directors, draw crowds to films

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of the Federation here on Wednesday. Federation President R R Odugoudar said  Dandam Dashagunam produced by A Ganesh would be screened only if the latter settled his dues to Ramya and apologises to the actor.


“It is the actors and not directors who draw crowds to films. The directors, exhibitors and the distributors survive on the actors’ performance. It is not right on the part of Ganesh to show disrespect to an artiste. Hence,  this ban, to make him realise the importance of artistes,” Odugoudar told Deccan Herald.

The film industry was totally dependent on the ‘star value’ of an artiste and Ramya was presently the only star in the Kannada film industry who enjoyed this tag. Hence, the ban on her was an improper and unilateral decision, he added.

Pooja Gandhi moves court

Actor Pooja Gandhi has approached a City civil court seeking a ban on the release of her upcoming movie ‘Neenillade’ till a financial dispute involving her and the movie’s director Shivaganapathi is settled, reports DHNS from Bangalore. The movie is slated for release on Friday.

In a petition, she claimed Shivaganapathi had agreed to pay her Rs 12 lakh for the film and an agreement was signed on January 9, 2010.

He had paid the first instalment of Rs four lakh and had promised to pay the remaining Rs 8 lakh in two instalments after completing shooting. But he failed to keep his promise, she said and requested the court to direct the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to take steps to stall the movie’s release.

She said she had lodged a complaint with the KFCC on March 18, but she did not get justice. She has also complained to the Artistes’ Association.