'Sudeep and I are like brothers'

'Sudeep and I are like brothers'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

Mentor : Sudeep

There were rumours that Chiranjeevi Sarja may also act in the film. Confirming the news to Metrolife, Chiru says that after the completion of andam Dashagunam he was eagerly waiting for a good script and when Shankare Gowda offered him this film with Sudeep, he had no second thoughts. “My bonding with Sudeep is really good. More than co-stars we are like brothers. We hang out a lot together and every moment in his company is a learning experience for me. After listening to the story of this project, I felt it was a great film for both of us to do ogether,” he adds.

Chiru’s film Dandam Dashagunam (DD) is also a remake but he is not worried about it because he feels that the success of the film depends on how well it has been adapted. “Both films have great storyline which I believe will be well-received by the audience here. Of course, a few changes have been made so that the movie fits in perfectly with the place,” he says.

Staying away from all the controversy around Dandam Dashagunam, Chiranjeevi is anxiously waiting for the release of the film. After all he is thrilled about playing the role of a cop for the first time. “We have already got such a good response for the songs. The fact that I have changed my look and sported a cop’s attire is making me look forward to this film. My uncle (Arjun Sarja) is also known for his cop roles. One can say that my dream of playing a cop came true with DD,” explains Chiranjeevi.