When empty words cause rift

When empty words cause rift

Creating Damage

Disappointing : Breaking promises affects relationships.

Only a few are able to keep the relationship going even after breaking a promise. If one fails to keep one’s word, one needs to take steps to rebuild the trust, which is not easy.
“When I could not attend my friend’s marriage due to an official trip, although I told him I would, I requested my mother to attend the ceremony and convey my wishes. When I came back, I called my friend, visited his place with gifts and sweets and spent some time with his family. I also watched his marriage video. So our relationship continued to be normal,” says Ganesh, a software engineer.

“If we value the relationship, then making up will not be a problem. But we should resort to repairing it as soon as possible. If we neglect it, then the difference will become wider,” he adds.

Every relationship has both positive and negative sides and we have to make promises sometime or the other in life. And all commitments cannot be kept. But the important thing is not to make a habit of not keeping your word. “I never make promises which I cannot keep.

If I cannot keep my word, I make sure that I compensate for it in some other way,’’ says Usha S, who is working with a multinational company. “When a promise is broken, the fate of the relationship depends on how ready we are to accept our mistakes. But, in a hurry to defend ourselves, the mistake is replaced by another one. And one’s credibility is lost forever,” she adds.