Up, up and away

Up, up and away


Up, up and away

Different : From The Red Balloon.

The performance, inspired from a short film by Alber Lamorises, told the story of a boy who is fascinated by a red balloon. The story was about a little boy, who sees a red balloon and becomes friends with it. The balloon too starts loving the boy in return and plays with him all the time. But some mischievous boys are jealous of their friendship and deflate the balloon. The little boy cannot bear the loss of his friend and starts crying. Seeing his sad state, many colourful balloons come to him and take him to their world. The story was amazing and full of imagery.

The audience consisted of mainly school children and their parents. The kids could easily connect to the subject and watched it with keen interest. When the protagonist of the show danced in joy, the children too felt extremely happy. When he cried for the popped balloon, they too cried with him.

“During my birthday, my father had given me a big orange balloon. I loved it a lot. When it got deflated by accident, I too had cried the same way,” said Adamya, a first standard student who was there with his mother Anusha.

“During weekends, a lot of programmes happen across the City. But there are few events that you can enjoy with your children. My son was eagerly awaiting to watch this puppet show. He had been dreaming about it. It will be nice if such programmes happen more often. Along with children, parents too can enjoy them,” said Anusha.

The show had music by Josh Middleton, backdrops by Stan Middleton and was directed by Kate Middleton.