'Green police' to protect tourists

CM B S Yeddyurappa and tourism minister Janardhan Reddy inaugurating the green police force in Bangalore on Monday.Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, who was present at the occasion said that the initiative was the “first of its kind  in the history of the nation.”

He added that this was part of the government efforts to make Karnataka a prime destination for “foreign tourists”.

The ‘Green Police’ will be posted as liaison officers between the police and tourists at major tourists destinations around the state including temples, beaches, locations in the western ghats etc.

Minister for Tourism, Janardhan Reddy said “They will be in charge of protection of tourists and also be information providers to tourists. A 100 have been commissioned and an additional 45 have been trained and will soon be inducted into the force.” He added that the ‘Green Police’ will not replace the state police but only compliment them.

Home Minister, V S Acharya was also present at the inauguration and called the Green Police, “friends, philosophers and guides” from now on for tourists in the state.

The first phase of deployment of the Green Police will be in 30 major tourist destinations.

They have been provided training in a variety of disciplines that the State police are trained in.

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