Dissidence part and parcel of party: CM

Dissidence part and parcel of party: CM

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa having lunch with organic farmer D G Manjunath Rai and Leelavathi Rai at Kambibane. Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah is seen.

While savouring ‘Kadambittu,’ ‘sagu chutney,’ ‘kosambri,’ ‘palya,’ ‘happala,’ ‘neerudosa,’ ‘payasa’ and ‘holige’ during lunch in the house of organic farmer G Manjunath Rai and Leelavathi Rai at Kambibane, he also found time to chat with mediapersons.

In fact, he answered all sorts of queries of the mediapersons calmly.When asked on rise in ‘miscreants’ within the party, the CM said “no cabinet berth will be given ‘miscrents,” in a lighter vein.

When a party worker urged the CM to provide ministerial berth to Appachu Ranjan, the CM said: “We will look into the issue after the Assembly by election.”

He said there are dissidents within and outside the party. “I have come to know how to control the dissidents with my experience. I have been facing challenges for the last 40 years. I have been able to discharge my duties effectively, with the dissidents surrounding me,” he said.

Earlier, he paid a visit to Raktheshwari temple and offered pooja. The house was decked in the backdrop of CM’s visit. Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah, MLA M P Appachu Ranjan, District-in-Charge Minister C H Vijayashankar and others too accompanied the Chief Minister.