Different strokes for different folks

Different strokes for different folks


Different strokes for different folks

Sporting: Deepika Padukone enjoying a game of cricket.

The cinema industry has always been an intriguing one. From the gossip that surrounds the actors to their presence at an event, the smallest bit of information about films can make heads turn. But of late, it seems like actors are broadening their horizons by venturing into every area possible. They are launching stores, endorsing brands, judging contests on reality shows and even playing Twenty-20 cricket. Metrolife asked youngsters of the City on what they think of actors who venture out of their comfort zone.

The recent celebrity cricket match that took place in Vishakapatnam, had a huge turnout with fans of both Southern and Bollywood films, cheering for their favourite celebrities.

Kalpana, a student who watched the match on television, says she is now looking forward to the celebrity cricket matches in the City.

“I am a big fan of Sonu Sood and watching him play was good fun. I never thought he was so good in cricket. The celebrity matches are a great way to learn more about your favourite celebrities and their hidden talent,” she says.  

Basil, a student, says there is no harm in actors trying out different avenues to showcase their creativity.

“Time and again, we have seen actors do a whole lot of things including getting involved in politics and I don’t see anything wrong in that. But that does not mean they can go ahead and make a fool of themselves in public. They must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses,” he adds. With actors busy in other activities like these, do the youngsters feel their performance in films is affected? Nidhi, a student, agrees and notes that many stars are faces of various products but when it actually comes to acting, they simply don’t deliver. “I feel actors should stick to what they know best, and that is acting. There is so much talent in this country and one wouldn’t always want to see the same face everywhere,” she adds.  

Many also say watching Rakhi Sawant providing ‘justice’ on a reality show was quite shocking. “As entertaining as the show was, I didn’t feel Rakhi Sawant of all people deserved to give ‘justice’ to people. Being a celebrity does not mean one can get away with doing anything,” says Yogesh, another student.