Manage your anxiety

Manage your anxiety

Anxiety is natural but can students allow themselves to be bogged down by strain? They certainly don’t want the questions of IIT-JEE to outwit them so these last days are going to be of paramount importance.

I offer a few practical tips that may come in handy these days.

*Eustress is a term coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye which is stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings. Capitalise on stress to help you pull through the days before the exam.

* Do not get too preoccupied with thoughts of success/failure. An archer who agonises a lot about success/failure cannot contain his mind from thinking about it even at the moment of shooting. Similarly, a lot of reflection on results will aggravate your stress.

Remember stress is mainly caused by thinking about the uncertain nature of ‘results’ and not by working for it.

*After every study session, close your eyes and let thoughts cross on the screen of your mind  while you watch them like an aloof onlooker. Do not judge or evaluate the thoughts. Ten minutes of this Zen-meditation after every session of your studies will rejuvenate and replenish your mind.

*Placate your mind by promising things like a vacation or a picnic with friends after the exam.

*Avoid the company of friends who radiate nervous energy. Nervousness is contagious; Don’t pick it  up from others.

*Keep yourself physically fit, think positive, feel motivated and get your skills tested in a healthy and ethical way.