Exams are over, what a relief
Now it’s time for fun and peace.
It’s time to explore the wide world,
Should we study? That’s not at all told.
There’s Malaysia, there’s Singapore,
Many places to tour.
We can shout, jump, sing and dance,
At term books, not a glance.
We can go for movies and plays,
On one of our fun-filled days.
We can wake up at 11 or 12 o’ clock
We can sleep with our doors locked.
We can wake up even at 1 or 2
But that’s something I never do!
We can walk along the river bank
Or explore a little boat, which long ago sank.
Jumping like mad in the rain,
Screaming like we’ve turned insane.
We can swim in the river,
And not come out till we shiver.
We can run about with squeals and screams
And have a lot of ice creams.
We’ll not stop though we are told
Or until we catch a dreadful cold.
But it makes me sad
And it is very bad
That our vacation will come to an end
And again to school we will be sent.

Tejaswini Saravanan (9), 4th Std, Sri
Aurobindo Memorial School, Bangalore


Rain can sometimes be a musician,
If you listen carefully,
You can hear the melody,
Of the pitter-patter,
On the window pane.
The perfect playmate, rain can be
What fun it is to play,
Just take off your raincoat,
And close your umbrella,
And play with rain.
Rain is always chasing you,
Though you always run for shelter,
And while it’s raining,
You hear a loud ‘boom’,
As thunder and lightning join in the fun.
Rain is actually quite beautiful,
But I surely don’t know why,
Many people do not notice that.
I could just stare at rain forever,
While many close their curtains when it’s raining.

Anusha V Paul


When life hit me like a high tide
I went to the little drawer in the corner
To open old memories and go for a ride
I felt nostalgic as I touched the contents
A crumpled ticket from long ago
Suddenly I’m standing at the station again
Where I’m heading I do not know
Another crossroad, I learnt to make choices
I glance at the silver ring twinkling at me
I’m in the bazaars of Delhi bargaining
The seller claims it’s lucky and asks for more
That day I learnt to say No!
The envelope with the letter is wide open
It’s the last day of school and I’m crying
The girl who was mean gave it to me
Full of pointless explanations
I learnt about forgiving.
I noticed the small photo frame with the dusty picture
My best friend from college, smiling together as always
That day was our last though I thought we were forever
I learnt that life moves on
And people go their way.
I slowly shut the drawer and with it the sadness
But I did take something that would help me
A keepsake, a recipe for happiness
A life lesson as I learnt to be grateful.

Malini Srikrishna (13),
SKCH (CBSE), Bangalore