The perfectly blended cup!

The perfectly blended cup!

Coffee Time

 ‘UNIQUE A brewing technique.The Lounge’ is a refreshingly new experience for anyone who loves to savour the goodness and variety of coffee. The right combination of food and ambience is an added

Says Ramchander Raman, Head of Food and Beverage, “This place is for those who appreciate and like to experiment with the finer things in life.”

The lounge is not like the regular coffee day outlets that are spread all over Bangalore. It gives the customers a coffee-drinking experience with the various brewing techniques offered at the place. Omana Chethan, Beverage Consultant of the Coffee Day group demonstrated the various techniques. She says, “We are all familiar with the regular filter coffee, but there are a variety of other techniques too.”

Coffee making is an art and it requires expertise to make a good cup of the perfectly blended coffee. Pour-over, a method developed by the Americans, is similar to filter coffee. But using the right variety of coffee beans and the right amount of time, one can get a flavourful and rich concoction.

If you are looking for quick preparation, French Press is ideal. This method which is popular in Europe, takes only five minutes to prepare. The coffee is brewed by placing the coffee and water together in a brewer and then pressing the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker.

‘Siphon’ is another method used by the Japanese and is based on the Vacuum Extraction Method, where coffee is brewed using two chambers in which vapour pressure and vacuum produce coffee which is smooth compared to the other brews.

 Says Omana, “All it takes to make a magical cup of coffee is creativity and precise judgement and the right blend of coffee seeds.”

As the aroma of the rich coffee wafted through the cafe, the coffee lovers delighted in the experience.

Says Aasma, who was present at the demonstration, “There is nothing more delightful than a good cup of coffee. You can have coffee at anytime of the day. And the variety of techniques one can use to make coffee is brilliant. They all might seem the same, but there is a subtle difference in the way each tastes.”