Cultural confluence at Vasundharotsava 2010-11

Cultural confluence at Vasundharotsava 2010-11

Yamini Muthanna at ‘Vasundharotsava 2010-11’, in Mysore recently. Dh photo

This eight days extravaganza is like a prelude to the oncoming Ramotsava celebrations in the city. Reaching the rural mass is the aim of organisers.

The large open air theatre is all set to accommodate huge gathering. This uthsava will portray many bharathanatya Dance dramas along with Kuchipudi and Odissi dance.

The inaugural performance was by Vyjayanthi Kashi and her troupe. “Krishnarpanam”, a Kuchipudi dance drama was presented to highlight the three stages in Sri Krishna’s life.
The conflict of Dharma and adharma , the right and the wrong that traverse his life was represented by three episodes from his childhood, youth and matured stages.
Vyjayanthi, who takes portraying negative characters as a challenge, chose to play Puthani and Trivakre, which have more of unattractive ingredients.

 The highlight of this presentation was the lyrical beauty of Prabhakar Joshi and the perfect synchronization of all the dancers.

Neither the good choreography  nor the effort of all the troupe members could convey the theme properly owing to the distance between the audience and the performers.
This resulted in a void with a lack of intimacy. The subtle expressions of Vyjayanthi went in vain.  The masculine features of Puthani and her disguise as a damsel were totally expressed through the body language.

The agony of Trivakre, her eagerness to meet Krishna and her ecstasy after ‘shapa vimochana’ were clearly conveyed.

The Kannada songs had poetic resonance and Ramya Suraj breathed life in to it. Natarajamurthy (Violin), Janardhan (Mridanga), Narasimhamurthy(Flute) and Rajesh Padiar(Rhythmpad) supported the troupe.

Yamini Muthanna presented a solo Bharathanatya on the ‘Navagrahas’. This was a blend of different Yogasanas and bharathanatya. Yoga has never ceased to attract dancers with its similarities. Portraying the nine planets in dance is indeed a challenge to the dancer.

Yamini, being a Yoga practitioner did it with perfect postures highlighting the importance of each graha with their storyline. Yamini has a flexible body that enables her to reach a perfect asana. The clear enunciation by Deepika prior to each graha indeed helped the rasikas to understand  their significance.

Yamini’s cleverness lay in transforming a dry subject in  to an attractive dance form. Yamini was supported by T B Prasannakumar(Natuvanga and Rhythm pad), Vasudha Balakrishna(vocal), Janardhan Rao(Mridanga) and K S Jayaram(Flute).

Sridhar Jain of Mysore presented ‘Sri Subramanya Vijaya’ along with his students of all age groups. Rasikas were eager to watch this much hyped performer of ‘Apthamitra’ fame.

This production probably had the sole aim of entertaining every folk reinforcing all his creativity. The story of Lord Subramanya starting from his birth till his wedding, including his victory over asuras was spread over with a detailed prose that was sung.

Even the good singing of Rajeshwari Pandit failed to heighten the quality of this production. Brinda(natuvanga),Manjunath(Violin), Swamy(Mridanga) and Raghavendra Rangadhool(Rhythm pad) assisted the dance.

Odissi is a unique dance form known for its beautiful stature, attractive hastamudras and fascinating postures. ‘Tribhangi’ is the eye catcher.

A Kannadiga who has learnt this art form from none other than Kelucharan Mohapatra is Udaykumar Shetty of Bengaluru. He performed Odissi with Sowmya and others.

The unusual footwork and body movements engulfed the audience . Uday kumar     started the recital with Mangalacharan to salute Lord Jagannath and moved on to a composition in praise of Durga. ‘Batu’ a parallel to Jathiswara contained the different instruments depicted on the walls of Surya temple in Konark.

Ashtapadi which has a special place in the offerings of Lord Jagannath showcased all the ten avatharas of Vishnu.

The recital ended with ‘Moksh’ representing the ultimate goal of man. The troupe was supported by Nimakanth rawatrab(Vocal), Pradeep kumar Maharana (Pakhwaj) and Pradeep kumar Maharana (Violin).