Farce at play


The play happens in a typical upper middle class household on the East Side of Manhattan, where the Kittredges are busy entertaining an old friend of theirs who they hope will lend them the funds for a major art deal.

Just as the three set out for dinner, they have a surprise visitor — a young black man, who has been stabbed and is in dire need of some first aid.

The play, set to the tune of a fine cocktail conversation, pieces together events that happened around this one night.

Light, farcical and yet deeply insightful, John Guare whisks you through several worlds and moods at breathtaking speed.

With every narration, the characters slice through another layer of invisible wall to get closer to solving some nagging mysteries around the young man.
John Guare wrote this award-winning play based on a real event that happened in the late 90s.

With creative liberties and crafty use of stage space, John Guare gives a wonderfully imaginative, yet credible story of ivory tower dwellers yearning for that genuine human connection. It is an interesting watch         indeed.

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