DGCA detects 13 'pilots'

DGCA detects 13 'pilots'

Investigative team to continue audit of flying schools

The DGCA has filed complaints in all these cases with the Crime Branch of Delhi Police, authorities said on Tuesday.

DGCA authorities claimed that except for six all Airline Transport Pilot Licences (ATPL) have been found to be genuine. However, an ongoing verification has detected seven Commercial Pilot Licences obtained by using forged result cards, they said.

The Delhi Police has already arrested three DGCA officials along with other accused involved in the crime and the investigations to find other accused is in full swing. The DGCA detected the first case of obtaining pilot licence by a dubious means after it received a complaint against IndiGo pilot Captain  Parminder Kaur Gulati. The investigation led to her arrest on March 8.

Four days later, J K Verma of Air India was arrested for using forged mark sheets to obtain CPL.  Then a series of arrests were made. Two SpiceJet pilots — Anoop Choudhary and Amit Moondra – were also arrested again.

Meenakshi Sehgal of IndiGo was also charged with the same crime. Another IndiGo pilot Abhinav Kaushik was arrested last week. “Apart from this, as complaints have arisen about bogus logging of flying hours in some Flying Schools, three Special Audit Teams have been consituted consisting of DGCA officers as well as outside experts in order to conduct detailed audit of these schools to detect malpractices if any. Cross verification has been introduced to ensure that the Directorate of Examination and the Directorate of Licencing work in close collaboration,” DGCA authorities said.