Released Pakistani man brings good news from India

Released Pakistani man brings good news from India

For seven years, Gugo's wife Najma, who lives in Thatta in Sindh province, lived with the hope that her husband was alive out there somewhere. The belief paid off when her husband's uncle Lakha Dino Gugo, among the group of fishermen released by India last week, came home with the news that he was fine.

Najma broke into tears when she heard that he was alive, Dawn reported Wednesday.

In 2004, Rasheed fell into the sea while fishing near the Kajhur Creek. Lakha Dino led efforts to trace him, but in vain.

Najma faced hardship for the past seven years, but never accepted that her husband had died, the media report said.

About a year-and-a-half back, Indian security personnel took away a fishing vessel along with fishermen, including Rasheed's uncle Lakha Dino.

Lakha Dino was among the group of fishermen who were released by India last week. After returning home, he said that Abdul Rasheed was languishing in Sabarmati prison in India's Gujarat state.

Lakha Dino said he could scarcely believe it when he saw Abdul Rasheed after he was shifted to Sabarmati jail from another prison.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw Rasheed during head count of prisoners," he was quoted as saying.

Abdul Rasheed told him that after he fell off the fishing boat, he shouted for help, but fast currents swept him into a nearby mangrove forest where he took refuge.

Two days later, Indian security personnel saw him and arrested him.

Truly, fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction.