Anna Hazare a big hit on social gaming platform too

Anna Hazare a big hit on social gaming platform too

Hazare is seen wearing his trademark white shirt and Gandhi topi in the game, 'Yes Prime Minister', launched by social gaming website The online game, which revolves around the theme of anti-corruption, has Hazare's photograph superimposed on the game, as it invites players to build a "Corruption Free India".

Hazare is shown sitting with placards like "Brashatacahar ko Khatam Karo" (Eradicate Corruption) in the backdrop. The game, which was launched on April 1 and incorporated a section on Hazare on April 5, has since seen its number of users jump from 50,000 to 1.5 lakh, sources at said.

Cashing in on the anti-corruption momentum, the social gaming network has come up with a game that gives the player the chance to control corruption. The game concept demands that the player, who can play the Prime Minister, to take control of the situation and start a massive cleaning up exercise online.

In the virtual world, the common man can stand up against scams and scandals and punish the corrupt and other powerful wrong-doers who have been roaming scot free.
The theme of the game is to 'build India' by taking control of various ministries such as Education, Infrastructure, National Security, Railways, Sports and Urban Development.
Players can contribute to the 'development' of India by assigning 'development projects' in these departments.

However, if these projects are left unguarded, corruption creeps in and takes over the system. This is where online friends, come to rescue by volunteering as Vigilance Commissioners for 'your India'. In the virtual world, an individual can have his own court where he can even sit in judgement to punish or reward news-making public figures. This list includes names such as Kalmaddy, Lalit Moody, Rajah, Radiya, Yedduappa and LaLou.

The more pro-active a player is in his/her court, the more goodwill he/she earns for his India, and proceeds to higher levels in the game.