Jumbo attempt to save elephant in water

Jumbo attempt to save elephant in water

heave ho! Dasara elephant Arjuna drags the injured elephant from the backwaters of Taraka Reservoir in HD Kote, Mysore, on Thursday. dh photo

On Thursday, the injured jumbo was pulled out from the backwaters of Taraka Reservoir in the taluk, where it had been lying in pain.

The Forest department officials harnessed the Dasara elephant Arjuna to pull out the elephant. Efforts by Arjuna to get the injured elephant to stand failed, possibly because of weakness or extreme pain in the limbs. The elephant had been in the waters since Tuesday.

The forest staff, who learnt of the elephant lying in the waters, informed the senior officials. On Wednesday, Dr Nagaraj administered a pain-killer and other medicines to injured tusker.

But, he was unable to examine the wound as the pachyderm was unable to come out of the water.

On Dr Nagaraj’s recommendations, the department officials brought Arjuna, who  had to physically drag the injured jumbo to the shore.

A doctor from H D Kote administered an injection and prescribed some antibiotics and pain killers to be given along with sugarcane.

The jumbo looked weak as it was in waters for more than 48 hours. The department has deployed six to eight guards to take care of the tusker.

The veterinarian, however, gave up administering the IV fluids as the elephant refused to cooperate.

Usually, the IV fluids are administered through the ears. But the elephant was constantly flapping its ears, making it impossible for the doctor.

According to sources, the department veterinarian is expected to examine the elephant once again on Friday and change the medicines, if necessary.

“Bringing the pachyderm from the waters to the shore took nearly 45 minutes. The doctor will nurse the wounds. We are optimistic that the jumbo will recover and gets back to the wild soon,” the sources added.