Police forced to guard seized vehicles

Police forced to guard seized vehicles

Although, the drivers have been let off on bail, the owners have not yet come to take their vehicles. This has become a headache for the town police for, they are already burdened by the regular duty and guarding the vehicles meant additional duty. Besides, lack of space to keep them too has proved a problem to them.

On the first day of campaigning, the police seized four vehicles belonging to the BJP candidate. Even during the nomination of the Congress candidate, they confiscated an equal number of vehicles.

Besides, as many as 13 vehicles were taken by the police when BJP and JD(S) were campaigning.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa had visited the constituency four times and each time, the vehicle belonging to his convoy was seized, as the vehicles did not have the permission.

While most of the arrested drivers are from Kolar, some are from Gudipalli in Andhra Pradesh; they have all been released on bail.