Get smarter than an ANGEL!

Get smarter than an ANGEL!

Get smarter than an ANGEL!

 You can get an insight into people’s personalities and traits and enjoy the exercise as well. It has been proved to have at least 90% accuracy and has always worked. For this you will need a sheet of blank paper – ruled or plain, a pencil and perhaps an eraser. 

Give this stationery to anybody you want to try it on. Do not tell him what this is all about – just say that it’s a game you are playing. Ask him to draw whatever you tell him to. Assure him that this is not a test of his artistic skills, so a rough sketch will do.
The list of things that you will ask him to draw is as follows. Stick to the order and wait for each thing to be drawn with complete details before you ask him to draw the next article mentioned in the list.

 First – a house.
 Second – a tree.
 Third – the sun.
 Fourth – any form of water (pond, river, lake etc.. leave the choice to
the person who’s drawing).
 Fifth – Moon (yes, in spite of the sun on the same sheet).
 Last – a snake.

 Then give the person a few more minutes for any additions if he wants. LOOKING AT THIS DRAWING – YOU CAN ACTUALLY TELL A LOT ABOUT THE PERSON WHO HAS DRAWN IT! Don’t believe it? Try it out and you’ll be amazed. Want to know how? Read on to psychoanalyze.

ANALYSIS: 1) The house in the picture represents the person who has drawn it, the tree his mother and the sun symbolizes his father. So, depending upon the proximity of the tree or sun to the house, you can tell if that person is closer to his mother or to his father,  A large house signifies a generous nature. If a chimney is drawn with some smoke coming out – it means that the person vents out his anger. If the smoke is missing but the chimney is there, then he bottles up his anger within himself. Too many embellishments drawn for the house, shows that the person is homely.  A garden drawn outside shows a love for the outdoors. A patterned and accentuated roof reveals that he loves the security that his shelter and abode provide him and so forth. A pathway leading to the house or an open door symbolizes that guests are welcome and a gates denotes ‘closed territory’, meaning the person does not open up easily.

 2) More details in the tree point out to the influence of his mother on him. For instance, fruits or flowers signify a fruitful relationship; and if roots are drawn, deep attachment between them is proved.

  3) If the sun is drawn far from the house but the rays touch the house, it shows a warm relationship in spite of the distance between the person and his father. A smiley face drawn for the sun means the father has a cheerful and fun-loving nature.

 4) The water body tells a lot about the philosophy and mind-set of the person. A pond might be a sign of limited needs and contentment. A river shows that he flows along easily and is adaptable. Ocean signifies an open nature, love for adventure and unbounded ambitions. A waterfall points towards high goals and creativity. Fish in the water means the person is friendly – the number of fishes usually giving away the number of very close friends.

 5) A crescent moon means that the person is romantic, imaginative and creative. A round moon is a sign of practicality and rationality.

 6) The curlier the snake – the more passionate is the person. Details on the hood reveal the sly and shrewd nature of the person and fangs means he can be really vicious. 

This fun-filled psychoanalysis of a basic drawing gets better and more accurate with more and more practice. You might just discover more such tips to analyze, with more variations in different people’s drawings. But, remember never to tell them before hand what this is all about, or your readings might not be correct.

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