'Bantwal-Surathkal 4-lane work of poor quality'

'Bantwal-Surathkal 4-lane work of poor quality'

The project that was launched in 2005 was given a 30 month completion time but the work began only in 2007 due to the delay by State Government in land acquisition. Now Ircon is forced to use funds from its internal resources as the time overrun is falling pricy with the present budget rates.

The Rs 194 crore project in 2005 is now costing Rs 264 crore.

The present deadline for the projet in June 2011 but at the rate the work is proceeding it is unlikely that the project may meet its deadline, said Modayil.

Agreeing to the allegations raised by KCCI Road Safety Sub-Committee Chairman Praveen Chandra Shetty on inferior road quality, he said that the charges were true to a certain extent as the riding quality along stretches of the highway on the Kottara Chowki and Kuntikana flyovers is poor. Cracks have developed on the road and ashphalt is missing in certain places.

The banking of the road is unscientific forcing a rider to reduce the speed limit, he said.
‘Blacklisting Ircon’

The company cannot be blacklisted as even the State government is responsible due to the delay in land acquisition. Ircon has promised to address the concerns brought up by NHAI and blacklisting the company will further delay the work.

Failure of payment would delay the entire project and so would finding a new contractor at this point of time. NHAI has refused to take over the project, he said.

Shetty claimed that over 80 people have died due to road accidents on the highway. He claimed his point by taking the entire team to inspect the shoddy work.

Gawasane slams back

“The road is absolutely in a good condition except in Kottara and Kuntikan flyovers. As the work is in progress problems can always be rectified. The only authority that can talk on the issue is NHAI, however suggestions are always invited from people and the team will look into rectifying matter.

KCCI Road Safety Sub-Committee is not a government entity and any ‘appointed’ chairman cannot simply allege without information from consultants,” said NHAI Project Director Prasanth Gawasane.

Ircon has assured that work will be completed by June 2011. Only two fly overs will go beyond the deadline but if they fail to complete the work, the competence authority of