The Land of Candy

The Land of Candy

If there were a land of candy,
So wonderful it would be.
Everything would be of candy,
The only place for me.
With strawberry-flavoured candy chips,
And gigantic chocolate pudding ships,
With yummy, mouth-watering crunchies,
And many types of chocolate munchies.
The rain would be gelatine
And fall in mighty showers
The plants would grow from jellybeans
And produce caramel flowers!
Flowing down the valley, there’d be a
River of chocolate milk shake
And the bees of the valley would
Prepare delicious honey cakes!
You don’t need to worry about
Fluffy pink cotton candy
Because in this land everything
Comes in handy!
But I wonder if there ev er is
Such a Candy Land,
If possible I would create it
Using a fairy’s magic wand!

S Gayatri,
9th Std, MPES, Bangalore.

The Metro

The Metro, a city train,
Has brought lots of pain,
To the shop keepers,
And citizens.
Streets have been damaged,
Trees have vanished,
Residents are unhappy,
All because of Namma Metro.
We go below the Metro,
And our knees feel like jell-o!
Something might fall on us,
Hopefully not today!
But soon the Metro will start,
And Bangaloreans will play their part,
By riding on the long-awaited train,
To the destination they await.
The jobs it provides,
Inspires many of our minds.
Another city with the Metro,
Will make India take her place in the world.

Dympna Reddy