All efforts on to save ailing Sai Baba

All efforts on to save ailing Sai Baba

Godmans failing health: Condition critical; some vital parameters under control

All efforts on to save ailing Sai Baba

The on-going vigorous medical intervention has not brought about significant change in the condition of the ailing Baba, who continues to be in a very critical condition.

The official health bulletin in the morning said: "His condition continues to be very critical… There is no significant change in the 'clinical condition' since Thursday." The evening bulletin had a similar message.

One of the concerns the doctors are faced with is the biluribin level of the liver which is fluctuating above four (the normal rate). The liver, doctors had declared late on Wednesday, had stopped responding to the treatment given. Even the ammonia level is fluctuating.

In what seemed like a ray of hope, administration of "appropriate drugs" had brought the blood pressure (BP) down, which read 110/55 on Thursday and continued fluctuating in the morning on Friday, to 110/80, which is near normal - allowing the doctors concerned over low BP some respite. This had, in turn, improved the condition of the heart which was bad on Thursday.

However, Andhra Pradesh Medical Education Director T Ravi Raju, who is heading the panel of doctors deputed by the government, told Deccan Herald at 8 pm that the BP was 110/160, which is considerably high, but under control. Stating that in realistic terms, “…The chances (of Baba's recovery) were few,” he said that all his vital organs and parameters are being maintained clinically, through medication and machinery/equipment.

Sources in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences told Deccan Herald that the urea level, which was around 2.8 on Wednesday and fluctuating had been clinically brought down to near normal — 1.8.

Also, the white blood cell (also known as immunity cells) count has increased to 20,000 from 10,000. A local doctor here told Deccan Herald that the normal count is about 10,000 and there could be fluctuations when a patient is subject to medication, especially antibiotics.