Go light and easy!

Go light and easy!


The maxim is to dress light, to keep the heat at bay, literally. The idea is to feel as light as possible.

Thin long dresses are in and silk mixed with cotton has become popular. Sandals are in and one has started wearing light jewellery. The dark colours have given way to light pastel shades in summer. The idea is to keep away the heat and feel cool, casual and comfortable.

Metrolife speaks to a few designers to find out about the perfect summer wear and how one can look smart, trendy and chic this summer. It’s the season for vibrant electric colours and bold prints – searing orange, tangerine, cobalt, aqueous shades of teal and turquoise, electric purple, hot, plucky pink, canary and yellow. And white rules. There’s a tinge of it in every garment.

Fashion designer Deepika Govind thinks dresses — the long flowing to simple shift dresses are popular during summer. “Skirts and oversized tunics, preferably in white, with narrow trousers and leggings are in. Kurtas are voluminous and layered,” she says and adds, “peplum waists, that have the ability to make you look taller and slimmer, have resurfaced. The bold prints like floral, tribal, animal, fruity, nautical, tropical-inspired prints and graphic stand out best during summer.” As for footwear she says shoes give way to wedges and sandals. “The big jola bags, small beaded pouches and bandanas are great to complete the look,” she observes. Satkrit Krishna, another young fashion designer points out that floral prints and bold colours dominate summer. “Hypnotic geometries and watercolour blooms take centre stage so do bold lines in horizontal stripes. Embroideries are getting uncomplicated in technique with just basic ‘tone on tone’ sequence work and playing with lines. Other basic concepts like ‘tone on tone’ crochet and lace work are also coming in in a big way this summer,” he says.

Deepika GovindKeep the accessories at its minimal, advices Satkrit and he thinks a good pair of sun glasses would add to all that glamour. Talking about men’s fashion, Paresh Lamba feels cottons or linen jackets, without lining would look great this summer. “The skin-tight Bermuda or thinner short pants that are knee-length make for a good casual wear. You could wear them with a good tee shirt or linen shirts and pair them up with loafers, sandals or even chappals,” says Paresh.   

Paresh believes that men must experiment shirts that come in all the bright colours such as lemon yellow, pink, light purple, indigos. “Light, pastel shades are in. One must make an attempt to shun everything that is dark and get into a lighter mode,” he points out. People have also changed their wardrobe in keeping with the change in season. Woollens or anything that are thick and double-layered give way to light and thin clothing. Rohita Rambabu, an IT professional couldn’t wait for summer to get into something cool. “I usually wear long dresses with a stocking or tights to work. Short dresses maybe for an evening out. I have never worn jeans or even trousers since summer began. They’re too hot. I grab and wear just about anything in white and the make-up is kept at its minimal,” she wraps up.