Thirumala trekking

Thirumala trekking

 As one stands at foot of the hill, the first thing that one experiences is the feelings of apprehension - of whether one would be able to accomplish successfully the trekking mission. Just as in life, one is assailed by misgivings, before taking up any singularly challenging task. But as you begin climbing, being swamped by confidence, you start feeling that if one is endowed with unflinching will and indomitable spirit, even mammoth tasks turn into a child's play, in life.

And, as you're climbing, being inundated by fatigue, when you squat on the steps for a breather, to guzzle sups of water, truly you realize the value of comfort n' relaxation. Just as in life, you discern the worth of short, invigorating breaks, when you're over-toiling at your home/workplace. But then again, surplus relaxation sans active life, is like gorging on too many sweets, which gives one the nausea attacks, besides making you sick and slothful! So, after moments of respite, one ought to move on in life, so as to reach one's goal/destination.

And while trekking, you go past many temples, with idols of different deities in sanctum sanctorum, indicative of Lord being sculpted in the form 'He' is visualized in. And that, all Divine Powers are viewed with equal veneration, and as one Supreme Being. (In the same way, it'd be great if we could treat others and their views with equal respect too, without supercilious feeling of what we think or believe are the gospel truths).

You also get to see flora n' fauna too, existing in perfect peace and harmony, as there's none to impinge on their domain. Apparently, when people refrain from interfering with peace/happiness of others, their own peace would remain ever intact. In case they start disturbing others' peace, their own gets extinguished.

Finally, for your efforts, when you receive free darshan tickets, prerogative of hill-climbers, indeed you feel you have bagged a million dollars! Just as in life, you discern value of those 'good things', for which you'd have truly slogged for. Naturally, the things that you obtain easily, cease to hold your charm for long!

Post divine darshan, as you climb down, which is relatively an 'easier task', compared to climbing up, again you reflect.