I will be myself while essaying 'Maaee', says Asha

I will be myself while essaying 'Maaee', says Asha

"I don't believe in acting and will be myself in the role..the manner in which I normally speak, the clothes I wear...Its okay if the producers want little bit of grey hair," evergreen singer said.

The 77-year-old said she is not doing rehearsals before shooting. "The filmmakers will explain the scenes to me a day earlier. I don't fear the camera. Its only that since the entire process will be new, there is little bit of nervousness."

According to her, all artistes undergo emotions of nervousness before every new initiative. "Even when I go for my stage shows, there are nervous moments of facing such large number of people. Artistes also fear that their hard-earned name and reputation should not be tarnished because of a bad show or decision," she said.

Asha maintained that acting is not new to her. "I always emote in my singing as well. But big screen is a different ball game altogether."

When asked if she got offers from filmmakers, Asha said she told producers and directors who came to her with offers that she sees her face in the mirror everyday and does not feel that it is suitable for movies.

Speaking about her character in 'Maaee', Asha said it was a surprise. "This is wonderful story. I think I look my mother whom we called 'Maaee'. Apart from the title, this is a fictional story," she added.

When asked about Padmini Kolhapure who plays her daughter in the film, Asha said the 'Prem Rog' actress is the grand daughter of her aunt (father's sister).

"I was instrumental in giving her a break as child actor in 'Ishq Ishq Ishq'. When the role in 'Maaee' was offered to her, she told my son Anand that the title role should go to 'Atya '(aunt)," the veteran added.

To a question on how she maintains her simple and yet elegant sense of dressing, Asha said, "every woman knows what suits her best. What she likes may not neccessarily suit her. While doing shows, I wear heavy embroideried sarees, jewellery. But in real life, I like to keep it simple."