Recreating nature from clay

Recreating nature from clay

Art enthusiasts at the art exhibition ‘Vriksha Kala’ held at Sri Janardhana Mahakali temple at Amabalpadi in Udupi.

Artist Venki Palimar and miniature tree expert Gururaj Sanil have come together to recreate nature from clay that emerged out as an environmental fantasy. Here the terracotta artifacts were synchronised with various miniature trees giving away the impression of dense forest embarking on ancient folk art.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, artist Venki Palimar said it was an innovative idea adopted by them to present before the people. Terracotta products are unique in their own sense and they add more value to the art when exposed to the greenery, he added.

The art pieces include ‘nature Ganesha,’ ‘ruined fort,’ ‘group of Naga Sadhus,’ ‘Pili Chamundi,’ ‘children playing traditional folk art Chennemane,’ ‘mermaid,’ ‘octopus,’ ‘clay replicas of bootha kola and other traditional folk arts of Tulunadu and many more.

Gururaj Sanil is of the opinion that miniature trees or bonsai will be substitute for the people craving for gardening and forest. He says these tiny trees are like any other trees grown in the clay pots. Once they are put back into the soil, they regain their natural growth.

The main idea behind the expo is to create awareness regarding the unique treasure of nature.  The varieties of miniature trees included 10-year-old ficus amplissima, 12-year- old cluster fig, nine-year-old kokum, 11-year-old carallia, 10-year-old Bengal Almond, 16-year-old dwarf umbrella, 26-year-old banyan tree, 25 year-old hog plum, nine year-old milk tree and five-year-old white palle.