Loyalty or truth

Loyalty or truth

Parents, children, employers, employees, doctors, patients, lawyers, clients, leaders, and followers almost every body seems to have a problem in gaining distinction between the two. Often Loyalty gains an edge over Truth for reasons that could span a wide range from what could be intensely emotional, social, economic or political. Truth takes a backseat, while Loyalty looms ahead, not quite taking cognisance of facts. This is when anarchy raises its ugly head and when monsters mouth a mélange of facts and falsities to fortify the stance of the people who matter to them.

The Ramayana has unfolded the art of applying one’s discretion when faced with a similar dilemma in life.

Kumbhakarna and Vibheeshana the brothers of Ravana were both of the opinion that Ravana had blundered in abducting Sita and keeping her captive in the hope that she would yield to his overtures someday. Kumbhakarna did not press the matter to a fine point and decided to support his kin no matter what the consequences.

Vibheeshana on the other hand pleaded with and even argued vehemently with Ravana to give up Sita. When all his attempts were of no avail, he simply went over to Rama’s camp and swore allegiance with him in the name of Truth.

Though the act of Vibheeshana might appear to be a little heartless and inconsiderate to a logical mind, a little introspection will reveal that the long term implications of his decision cannot be misplaced.

The time has come when people should learn to discern between the two virtues. Loyalty should certainly figure as a prominent characteristic in every person. One must never forget the favours and kindness one has received. Gratitude should be the attitude towards goodwill received in the past but definitely not at the cost of Truth.

If a mentor or a loved one is found swerving from the path of Truth, it becomes obligatory for one to gently, if needed strongly to throw light on the issue and reiterate the basis of justice. No stone should be left unturned in the process of making the erring person see sense.  If Truth prevails, well and good. If not, one certainly has the option to move away from the path of misplaced loyalty.

 Such a move will certainly be appreciated by one and all and will help man to regain faith in mankind and above all the genuine power of both Loyalty and Truth.