A hip-hop trip

While they will be performing on July 29 at NYX, they will also be holding workshops from July 27 to July 30 at the Fusion Lounge, Brigade Road.

B-Boy or B-Girl is a person devoted to hip-hop culture, more specifically, b-boying/ break dancing. The B-Boys coming to India are Lilou (France), who has a unique dance style and an engaging stage presence, vicious but humorous as well. He perfectly combines the new style of ‘flexible moves’ with classic footwork and power moves. His signature move is a variation of the air-chair.

Roxrite from the US is the ‘hardest hitter’ of the last years. He is a member of the new generation of the legendary US American crew Renegades from San Francisco. For the past few years, Roxrite has won many important battles and has a lifetime record of about 50 first places, many of which were in one-on-one competition.

With his vast variety of moves, repetition will never be an issue with this battle hardened West Coast B-Boy. Roxrite has an almost unnatural ability to stick freeze combinations and he puts a unique twist on all his moves.

Pelezinho shows the Brazilian Ginga through a creative and powerful style. Ginga, is an almost indefinable, mystical quality of movement and attitude possessed only by Brazilians and is evident in everything they do.

The way they walk, talk, dance and approach everything in their lives. Ginga is what gives Brazilian football players their fluidity and rhythm on the pitch and enables them to Joga Bonito (Play beautiful).

Pele’s style is acrobatic and powerful and very creative with deep roots in Brazilian culture.

Including elements of capoeira and samba, he has a big variety of moves and tries to stay unpredictable.

He surprises the audience with great combinations and suicidal moves. His battle strategy is flexible. Depending on his opponent, he might change his approach every second.

Benny from South Africa has danced for the South African team at the Battle of the Year several times and, with his crew Ubuntu, was placed sixth at the International Battle of the Year in 2004.

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