Indian student beaten in Australia

Indian student beaten in Australia

According to 7news channel, Rajat Tyagi, a trainee pilot, was confronted as he left his apartment in Flinders Street on Sunday morning by five men who he said looked like "Africans."

Tyagi, who hails from Delhi, said the gang surrounded him and bashed him till he fell unconscious.

"I want to go home as soon as possible because we are not safe here. They hit me twice in the mouth, and my whole lips were hanging down. I just lost my tooth. I don't know where my tooth is, maybe in my stomach, maybe on the floor. I can't find it.

"I can't eat anything, I cant drink anything and my room mates are feeding me milk just to survive so I can live," he said. Rajat hopes that the incident was captured on CCTV.

He said he has heard no more from police since they arrived half-an-hour after the assault, and told him he was one of several similar assaults that night. Rajat is now unable to sit his flying exams after Easter because of the bashing, the channel reported.

In a statement, Police said they were told the victim was with a male friend at Flinders Street station at around 6.40 am. "An argument has taken place between the victim, his friend and approximately five males perceived as being of African appearance. The argument did not escalate and all parties walked away.

"The victim walked across to the other side of Flinders Street while his friend bought a train ticket," it said.

"It was then alleged the victim was again approached by five males who pulled up beside him in a vehicle described as a red/burgundy coloured Daihatsu sedan. One male has allegedly jumped out of the car and punched the victim once to the face leaving him with a lost tooth and a busted lip," the police said.

"The group of attackers are described to be in their early 20s and perceived to be of African appearance," the statement added. Over 100 attacks against Indian students were reported in Australia in 2009.