Living in an isolated island

Living in an isolated island

Kannada Kudru on the banks of River Souparnika near Hemmadi is one among many tiny islands that houses quite a huge number of populace entirely detached from the external world.

With an area of 100 acre, the isle has approximately 400 residents. There are nearly 60 families in the area mainly the Christians and Billavas. Paddy and coconut plantations are the main crops in the Kudru.   

Roads in the inland area are in poor condition as a large amount of the landmass is flooded with water from river. Rainy season turns out to be a shadowy terrain for the residents here. With proper power supply the entire island remains partially merged in the flooded river.  

Local resident Kiran Crasto informed Deccan Herald that most of the farmers are quitting paddy cultivation as it is very difficult to transport harvesting machines and tillers without the connective bridge.

“It is becoming very difficult to transport the yields to the market. Besides we don’t have proper irrigation facilities also. We have to undergo many difficulties. Specially children suffer a lot during rainy season,” he said.There was a government aided school in the Kudru, which was shut down five years ago. For their day to day needs, these people have to come to Kundapur market and fetch their essential commodities.

PWD Kundapur Division Assistant Executive Engineer K S Chandrasekhar informed a line estimate of Rs 500 lakhs to construct bridge has been submitted to the government and the approval list of the current budget for the year 2011-12 is yet to be known. MLA Raghupathy Bhat who visited the area recently has made recommendations to the government and has spoken to Chief Minster about the issue, he added.

“We will be able to get the information regarding the outcome of the proposal sent by us only after approval list of the budget is procured,” he added.