Chemistry easy, physics tricky

Chemistry easy, physics tricky

“On the face of it, the physics paper appeared easy. There were 10 questions which required a higher order of thinking. These are the questions which students come out of the exam hall thinking they have  answered correctly and realise their mistake only after discussing the same with their teachers.”

Around 30 per cent of the questions appeared from the I PU and over 65 per cent of the paper contained numerical questions. Prof S Dasharathi of BASE said: “An average student could attempt 35-40 questions in stipulated time. A student with good preparation can easily get 45 plus marks.”

Chemistry paper was deemed to be the easiest of the four papers. “It was the easiest  paper for students appearing for engineering CET. About 70 per cent of the paper was theoretical and conceptual and the rest was numerical which made it convenient for students to complete the paper well ahead of time”, said Sridhar.

Ambiguous questions

Version C-2 of the physics paper had some students scratching their heads over ambiguous questions. They claimed question 3 was not clearly stated, while 9 was ambiguous. In question 44, the diagram was not clear.