Comed-K rush fills up City hotels

Comed-K rush fills up City hotels

Accommodations in City hotels have been filled up by visiting students, particularly those located near the test centres. At Royal Residency on Old Madras Road and the Grand Bee Hotel on Railway Parallel Road in Yeshwanthpur a large number of students were found preparing for the test.

Anusha, a candidate from Delhi, said: “I have been preparing for this exam for over a month. I just arrived this morning, but we booked the hotel room a week ago. There are a lot of other students in the same hotel who are appearing for the Comed-K tomorrow.”

Convenient for students

A number of exam centres have been set up in the City at various locations. This is convenient for students from other states to find accommodation at hotels near their exam centres.

Ajit, from Raipur who is seeking a MBBS seat in a Karnataka college, had this to say: “My exam centre is very close to the hotel I am staying in. The cost of staying for a day is also less, and this is convenient as I planned to stay here only for three days.”

With the increase in the number of students from other states appearing for the Comed-K entrance test, local students have a tough task ahead of them.