Making the most of vacations

Making the most of vacations

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Making the most of vacations

choices aplenty : Students expect their professors to help them utilise their holidays in a meaningful way.Amit Kiran
Student, University Law College

In our college, even through internship is not compulsory in the first two semesters, there are students who go for it. Even in degree courses, since you have many subjects, the students now want to find more about their field and do make an extra effort. But yes, the involvement of the college is limited to an official letter from the college to the company. I think they should be more involved in assuring internship to the students through channels like alumni tie-up. 

Apoorva R G
Student, BMS College of Engineering

Engineering students realise only in the third year about the necessity to strengthen their resume for placements. That is when they start thinking about internship. But in the first and second year, most students either chill out while some others attend tutorials for the semester subjects. Teachers mostly don’t show interest in making that break productive for students because that is when they get free time. But I feel that college should help students get internship by tagging themselves with some start-up companies.

Student, Mount Carmel College

Most of the time, students get bored mid-vacation and wonder what to do next. So after all the fun and catching up is over, we need to do something constructive. On that note, I do think colleges need to give options to students as to what they could probably be doing and make use of their talent. Personally, I have made plans for a tour with friends and was given an option of an internship by my college.

Student, REVA institute of Engineering and Management

For our course, during the summer holidays, most of the students go for crash courses where they are taught subjects of the next semester and the college also provides computer courses. There are workshops too. Like robotics and placement workshops. Many students also take up internship and also utilise the time by going to sports camps. The holidays are one-month long, so there are many things to take up during the time.

Abhijith Vijayendra
Student, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology

Internship is really good for third and final year students. Since there is so much free time, one can even take up part time or full-time jobs to earn money to cover holiday expenditure. But there are also some non-technical ways of spending time like enrolling for animal care or old age homes. College and teachers do not provide any support during this time as they have extra classes. Friends and family members are the ones who help.  

As told to Sonal Sher

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