'Replace entire roof of Yadavagiri reservoir'

'Replace entire roof of Yadavagiri reservoir'

FROM L TO R : The roof of Yadavagiri reservoir which collapsed recently. The repaired portion . DH photos

In a press release here, he said after the photos of the collapsed roof appeared in newspapers, work has been going on to repair the roof. It is almost complete now.

Corrugated sheets have been placed over the opening left by the roof collapse so that dirt and birds can not get into the reservoir. One observation on the repair. Curing was done on the repair on the top of the reservoir, but not on the repair of the sidewall. “I do not know if they used some special concrete mix for the sidewall which does not need curing”, he added.

Prasad said the entire roof needs to be replaced before other sections of the roof collapse causing possible loss of life. It is seen in the photos that there are white stripes painted all over the roof. It appears that these stripes are attempts to fill in cracks in the roof.

The photograph shows that the roof has broken off just along these stripes indicating that there were cracks underneath the stripes.

Since there are stripes all over the tank roof, it is likely that there are cracks everywhere. If the entire roof is not replaced, more and more cracks will get wider and more and more sections of the roof will collapse as it happened in Vijayanagar Central Storage Reservoir.