Perfect blend of creativity and talent

Perfect blend of creativity and talent


MVJ College of Engineering recently organised its annual inter-collegiate cultural fest Swayam-2011. The two-day fest had over 40 colleges participating from across the State. Each college was at its competitive best.

The fest began with a dance performance on the theme ‘Presence of God among us’, by the students of MVJ College which set the tone for the day. The highlight of the first day was the street play competition. The final round of this event saw intense competition among the participants. The ‘Need For Speed’ also saw enthusiastic participation, with close to 70 students participating in it. The first day had other exciting events like ‘MadAds’, Rangoli, debate, group dance, singing and karaoke. The students made sure they participated in all events with enthusiasm and gusto.

The second day was an equally fun-filled affair. Bhuka Sura was an interesting ‘new eating’ competition. It did well to test the hunger quotient of the students as it involved eating raw onions and green chillies with plain rice. The crowd cheered and enjoyed while the participants struggled with the rather sad menu. Another exciting event was ‘Mr and Miss Swayam’, a personality event which was a big hit with the students.

The second day had ‘Battle of Bands’ which had eight rock bands from eight colleges, fight it out for the top slot. The students were seen thoroughly enjoying themselves and dancing to the music. The winning team was ‘Dead incarnation’ from Dayananda Sagar Institutions. A rather crazy and unique event for the day was ‘Water Football’ where close to ten teams participated in the watery affair, which was an astounding success.

The annual cultural fest drew to a rocking end with the Indian Rock Band ‘Aurko’ performing live and wooing the crowds with their thunderous performance at the end of second day of the fest.  

The annual fest showcased some remarkable talent of the students in cultural activities. Their talent was not only restricted to cultural activities but also in managing the event. It was a perfect blend of creativity and managerial skills.