Hassan ZP presents budget of ` 52,493.49 lakh

Hassan ZP presents budget of ` 52,493.49 lakh

Compared to previous year’s budget, there has been an increase of ` 2320. 93 lakh this year.

Of ` 52,493.49 lakh, ` 14,072. 57 lakh is under planned expenditure and ` 38,420.92 lakh under non-plan expenditure.

The ZP is expecting a grant of ` 9,835.06 lakh grants from the State Government and ` 4,237.51 lakh from the Union government.

The money would be used on developmental works through zilla, taluk and gram panchayats. The ZP has setaside ` 3,591.09 lakh on primary and secondary education and Rs five lakh on promotion of handloom sector, science and tech nology sector.

Besides, `  1762.05 lakhs is reserved for for women and child development, ` 1380. 35 lakh on family welfare, ` 1779. 26 lakh to provide infrastructure for Panchayat Raj Institutions, ` 645. 69 lakh for housing, ` 440 lakh  command areas development, ` 365 lakh for rural development programmes.

An estimated 26. 26 per cent is earmarked for salar and other establishments.

Non-planned expenditure

A maximum of ` 27,583.62 lakhs is reserved for eduction sector, ` 3212. 33 lakhs for medical and rural health service, ` 1283.36 lakh for rural development programmes, ` 1266.12 lakh for nutrition development and ` 1063. 79 lakhs for SC/ST development programmes.

About ` 91.62  lakh is earmarked for salary and wages.

When the members flayed poor allocation to tackle drinking water crisis, Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer  S T Anjankumar assured to release adequate funds for the same.
The Hassan Zilla Panchayat is known for adopting unanimous resolutions without any discussion.

Different story

However, it was a different story on Thursday as the meeting witnessed heated debate between the ruling JD(S) and BJP members over the issue of adopting a resolution against the State government for neglecting the district.

The BJP members criticised the lopsided resolution passed by JD(S) members on this issue.

They wanted their fellow members to meet the chief minister and discuss development of the district instead of passing resolution.   

They also raised their voice against delay in convening the special meeting and opposed the ZP’s decision to develop roads in Holenarasipur taluk only.

They said many roads connecting to district headquarter are in bad condition. They demanded the ZP to improve all the road and stop giving p-special preference to Holenarasipur taluk.


On this occasion, the Zilla Panchayat felicitated Amith Tejas, who is a topper in the recently held PU examinations. He is a science student and hails from Javagal village.