'Rahul's dharna a drama'

'Rahul's dharna a drama'

She asked the Congress “yuvraj” to prevail upon “his own house” (Centre) for a better deal to the farmers whose lands were acquired. The BSP supremo dropped enough hints to make it clear that Rahul would be arrested again if the state government considered his actions as a threat to the law and order situation in the state. “We shall not allow anyone, howsoever powerful and influential he may be...we will do what we did yesterday.

“I want to tell the yuvraj of the Congress to fight for the farmers in his own house rather than in Uttar Pradesh...it is up to Centre to formulate the land acquisition policy,” Mayawati told media persons here.

“Uske ghar mein is bechare ki jyada chalti nahin rahi hai...iska gussa woh ochi rajniti aur dramebazi kar ke nikal raha hai (it seems he is ignored in his own house and is therefore giving vent to his anger by indulging in mean politics and drama),” Mayawati said taking a swipe at Rahul.

The chief minister asked Rahul to go to Rae Bareli, the Lok Sabha constituency of Sonia Gandhi, to fight for the farmers, whose lands had been acquired for the Rail Coach Factory but they were not paid adequate compensation.

“The farmers of Rae Bareli also told Sonia Gandhi that the promises made to them while acquiring the land were not fulfilled,” she claimed. Mayawati said that the opposition had run out of issues in the state and was therefore trying to make an issue out of a non-issue.

“The Noida issue is not at all about acquisition of land or compensation,” she said adding that the opposition sponsored anti-social elements had infiltrated the ranks of the farmers, who were creating trouble.

“Now that the elections are approaching, the opposition parties are hatching conspiracies to malign the state government,” she alleged. Mayawati said that she had written to the Centre for formulating a comprehensive land acquisition policy but she did not get any reply.