New ED's revamp plans for BBP

New ED's revamp plans for BBP

Dr Raju

Dr Raju, the newly appointed executive director, told mediapersons here on Friday that he would give priority to addressing certain administrative problems at the BBP.

The ailing animals will be identified and their health condition and hygiene monitored, he said. Assessment of the animals’ health will be completed in a week’s time and the ailing animals will be treated immediately. All the animals in the safari and rescue centres will undergo prophylactic treatment as a preventive measure, Dr Raju said.

Besides, he said, efforts would be made to procure mates for solitary animals that would be under a lot of psychological stress.

At present, the BBP has only one zebra and a hog deer, after a leopard killed a female deer recently. More animals will be brought through the animal exchange programme, he added.

The feeding schedule will also be changed. All the herbivores will be fed in the morning and the carnivores in the evening, the ED said.

On mortality and natality rates, he said six animals had died and 20 were born in April. Now, the BBP has around 1,389 animals and birds belonging to 75 species from 10 different countries — 413 birds of 30 species; 200 reptiles of 14 species; 759 mammals of 31 species, and 55 aged animals in the rescue centre. Additional veterinary doctors will be appointed and the service of helpers will be regularised in three-four months, he added.

Online booking

For animal lovers, Dr Raju plans to start an education, outreach and extension programme. The BBP will launch its website and online ticket booking facilities shortly.

Of the Rs nine crore annual revenue, only Rs 2.75 lakh was being spent on animal feed.

Even after paying salary to the staff, the Park would be left with money to redesign enclosures, solar fencing and to install animal detectors, Dr Raju said.