Siddons unhappy with Muralitharan's signing before his appointment

Siddons unhappy with Muralitharan's signing before his appointment

Muralitharan was signed Friday, a day after Siddons was interviewed for the vacant Firebirds coaching job.

Asked about Muralitharan's signing, Siddons said: "That's good ... well, I hope it's good. I'll have to think that one through. I probably have some thoughts but I don't want to discuss them."

Siddons, who was in charge of Bangladesh during the World Cup,  was quoted as saying by  that it would have been nice if the coach had some say in signing overseas players.

"It wouldn't put me off the job but it would be nice to be in the job and have some say in those types of appointments, for sure."

Cricket Wellington chief executive Gavin Larsen said that signing of the world's record wicket-taker before the coach was not an issue.

"I certainly hope not. I wouldn't like to think that any new coach would balk at Murali's name," Larsen was quoted as saying.

"He was very affordable and comparable to what the other key overseas players have received in New Zealand. We haven't paid above the odds. He's a really good bloke and he loves New Zealand. He'll bring his family out and he's really keen from a lifestyle point of view, and keen to contribute on and off the park," he added.