Palanganda team lifts Macchamada cup

Palanganda team lifts Macchamada cup

Last year, Palanganda team had defeated Mukkateera team. In the last 23 days, as many as 228 teams had taken part in the Kodava hockey tournament.
It was Muthanna of Palanganda team who scored the only goal to his team. In the 22nd minute, international player Amar Ayyamma passed the boll to Muthanna who was successful in scoring a goal.

The opponent team failed to make use of the penalty corner. They had received first penalty corner within 15 minutes. On a whole, they failed to make use of four penalty corners in the first half of the match and 10 penalty corners in the second half of the match. Since, the inception of the Kodava family tournament, Palanganda team has won the championship three times. In the past, they had won in 2006 and 2010.

Palanganda team’s Amar Ayyamma who had scored hatrick goals three times in the tournament had failed to score a goal in the final.

A  large number sports buffs from various parts of the district and outside the district had thronged Ponnamept. The maidan was jam packed. More than 25,000 spectators had taken part.

Aichatteera family to host 2012 tourney

Aichatteera family will host the Kodava family hockey tournament for 2012. The tournament will be held at Ammathi.