Donation menace: Who should bell the cat?

Donation menace: Who should bell the cat?

The problem is growing every year with no check on it

But it is the parents who are in a complete dilemma on how to pay donation, even so when their wards are opting for professional courses like medical and engineering.
Of late, primary education is making holes into the pockets of parents not only in big cities but also in districts.

Though there are many complaints about the donation menace, no one is coming forward to register any complaint with the Department of Education. The government has banned collection of donation from parents and fixed certain amount which may be collected as development fees.

However, this menace is growing every year with no check on it. Parents feel proud to send their wards to prestigious schools despite hefty donation collected by schools.

But it was poor and middle class families that are facing the heat. Neither they cannot send their wards to the government schools nor afford to pay donation to enroll their wards prestigious schools. In the absence of any check by the education department, the private schools are making money.

There is a rule that educational institutions are not supposed to sell uniforms, text and note books.

But, it is going on unabated without any check. Unfortunately no parent is ready to lodge complaint against schools that collect hefty donation fearing denying seat for their son or daughter.

Protests are held before starting of schools by various student’s organisations. But it had no impact on the school managements as long as parents take on them.

The donation for LKG in Hassan city is no less than Rs 25,000 plus Rs 10,000 fee. If the school is reputed then the donation goes up to Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 and annual fees of Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000.


This is apart from books and uniforms that comes to around Rs 8,000. Of late, educational institutions have become commercial and they are more bothered about the name than imparting quality education.

It can be noticed that at least two schools are opened every year, which is a proof of this. When the issue is observed deeply, it can be seen that the schools have some connection with netas. Hence, the officials hesitate to take action, opine locals.

The government’s initiative of free education to children below 14 years is