Goan women among 17 rescued in Albania

Goan women among 17 rescued in Albania

“Seventeen women were taken out of Tirana on Friday, where they had been dumped into a room with no food or water after they protested over their working conditions,” Faleiro said.

Eight of the 17 women who were rescued are from Goa. Three women opted to stay back in Albania. The women who were promised $20 per day plus overtime allowances for making bags were paid a mere $2 per day.

Faleiro’s office got in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) after reports on the detained women surfaced in the media.

“The MEA informed me that 17 women from a group of 20 were repatriated by the Government of India. They arrived in Mumbai via Istanbul on Saturday,” he said.

The former Union minister said action would be taken against the recruitment agent from Goa who had duped these women. “We have not yet identified him, but the matter will be dealt seriously,” he said.