Man posts Facebook messages on how he killed daughter

Man posts Facebook messages on how he killed daughter

Ramazan "Ramzy" Acar, 24, kidnapped his daughter Yazmina from outside her home. He then gave her mother Rachelle D'Argent updates about his plan to murder the child, the Herald Sun reported.

Yazmina was stabbed with a knife in November last year and her body was dumped in a vacant plot in north Melbourne, a court in Melbourne said Wednesday.

The accused used Facebook and mobile phone messages to inform D'Argent and said the murder was in revenge for her ending their relationship.

In one phone call, Acar told D'Argent: "I'm going to do it. Do you have any last words for her?"

Later, in a series of text messages he updated his murder of Yazmina.

While one read, "It's ova I did it", another said "I h8t you". A Facebook status update read "Pay bk u slut".

When the woman spoke to Acar on the phone, he claimed: "I've killed her. She's just lying there next to me in her leggings and her top covered in blood, and her guts are hanging out."