Govt offers higher fees to B'lore colleges

Govt offers higher fees to B'lore colleges

Colleges within BBMP limits can charge Rs 35,000

V S Acharya

On Thursday, a new offer was being considered after higher education minister V S Acharya had a meeting with Principal Secretary to Chief Minister I S N Prasad and Secretary to the Chief Minister A Laxminarayan, along with officials from the higher education department.

No takers

The latest offer comes days after the State government found no takers for its proposal to engineering colleges for offering seats at Rs 32,500.
Under the new offer, colleges located within the limits of BBMP will be allowed to charge Rs 35,000, which is a hike of Rs 2,500 from the previous offer.
However, the fee for colleges located outside Bangalore will still be at the original offer of Rs 32,500.

This means that the offer is unlikely to be accepted by managements of colleges outside Bangalore. For instance, former Parliamentarian, R L Jalappa, who has opposed the State government’s proposal for a fee of Rs 32,500, will not be happy.

A petition is pending before the High Court demanding that the contents of the Fee Regulatory Committee's report, which has been kept under wraps by the State government, be revealed.

CM to hold talks

Sources in the higher education ministry suggested that another round of talks is likely to be held by the chief minister's office with private college managements. “The talks will be held either by the chief minister's officers, or even by the chief minister himself”, said one officer.

However, with the chief minister locked in a political battle with the Governor, it is likely that the first meeting will be held by the CM's officers, and the CM is likely to participate inthe later meetings.