A double delight for these twins

A double delight for these twins

Twin wonder

Twins Bharath and Bhargav. dh photoThese twins are no ordinary ones. They share a rare equation with each other! Bhargav V Bhat and Bharath V Bhat who have emerged with flying colours in the SSLC examination this year raised many a eyebrows in the school, sharing a equal feat - both scoring 611 marks out of 625.

The look-alike boys have turned out to be a cynosure of all eyes in the school and the family and friends circle through their academic excellence.

The twins scoring same marks in the SSLC examination have not just surprised many, but have also astonished their parents, Shyamala and Vyasa Murthy.

“Though the marks scored by the two boys always remained very close since their childhood, I never expected that the duo will score exactly equal marks in class X. It came as a surprise to us on the day the results were announced,” says mother Shyamala.
Interestingly, the two boys have secured cent per cent in mathematics and Kannada language.

But, the marks in other subjects differ just by a mark. If Bharath has scored 124 in Sanskrit, 93 in English, 98 in Science and 97 in Social Sciences, Bhargav has scored 123 in Sanskrit, 96 in English, 99 in Science and 94 in Social Sciences.

They share same interests - lover for colours and brush and playing chess and cricket.
Both aspire to become doctors and want to pursue science in class XII.

According to Bhargava’s father Vyasamurthy, who works with the BSNL, the boys scored more or less equal marks since their primary school days. “Bhargav is seven minutes elder to Bharath and were born in Bangalore. Both the boys study together, play together and also fall ill around the same time. It has been an experience for us that if one developed fever in morning, another would fall ill in evening. Once, an ant bite led to swelling of a brother’s eye, the very next day another also suffered a swelling in eye due to same thing,” says Vyasamurthy who hails from Udupi and is now in Mysore.

Say Bhargav and Bharath that they worked together two hours a day on school working days and five hours a day on the holidays.

“We expected above 600, but not same marks,” they add.

Recalls Shyamala that the two boys suffered small pox at the same time few years ago.

“Just before 4 months of SSLC exam, Bhargav underwent an operation for appendicitis. I feared that the  younger boy could also develop the symptom and took doctor’s advise immediately. Fortunately, he was not affected,” she says and adds that the only difference between the two was that Bhargav loses his temper soon, while Bharath maintains his calm and temper at any situation.

Both studied at Gnana Ganga Vidyapeetha in Kuvempunagar and aims to pursue science studies.

If Bhargav has a liking for IT technology, Bharath likes to spare time on reading up on topics like literature and art.