'Abuse of children continues in society'

'Abuse of children continues in society'

In a revelation of sorts, the chairperson of State Children Rights Commission Neena Nayak on Friday lamented the increase in cases of exploitation of children and atrocities against them in society.

Though Women and Child Welfare Department, Department of Labour, Children’s Juvenile Justice Board, Children’s Welfare Committee and other government agencies were working for the welfare of children, harassment of children never ends, she pointed out.
She was speaking at the programme on ‘Protection of children rights’ organised for various department officers, non-government organisation representatives at Zilla Pancayat Hall in Hassan on Friday.

Stressing on the united efforts of all governmental and non-governmental organisations to put an end to abuse of children, she wanted the officials concerned to take severe action against the owners for employing children in hotels, shops and other business establishments.

They must follow up the cases complained by the public against the violation of children rights, she added.

She said that government has introduced ‘Balasanjivini scheme’ to help the children who are in bonded labour financially, children are employed in hotels and are harassed by the people in various places.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat  S T Anjankumar informed that State government has implemented several programmes for rehabilitation of street urchins and other exploited children to bring them into mainstream of the society.

State Children Rights Commission District President Dr Madhuvardhan, Deputy Director of Women and Children Welfare Department H C Chidanand, District Juvenile Justice Board members Udayaravi, Komala, Children Welfare Committee President Madhura, Assistant Commissioners Shashidhar Kurera, K Nagendraprasad, tahsildhars and others were present.