A mixed bag at key junction

A mixed bag at key junction


Seven years later, many com­m­­uters are, however, a disgruntled lot. While the underpass has lived up to expectations, the flyover has disappointed many.

The grouse of these commuters is that the flyover has simply shifted the traffic jams from Dairy Circle to the Nimhans Junction and Christ University. Shivaram, a traffic constable, explains: “Traffic in these areas is very heavy, especially in the mornings and evenings.
The service roads which serve as feeder routes are very narrow and the area has become a bottleneck. Traffic towards Koramangala is frequently gridlocked, especially in the mornings and evenings, due to the milk tankers and private buses that ply in the area.”

Many commuters choose to bypass the flyover due to the traffic congestion. Ramkumar Seshu, a resident of Lalbagh, says: “I normally use the MICO road if I want to reach Koramangala. The flyover is badly designed and has failed to reduce congestion in the area. The situation is pathetic in the mornings and evenings.” The main congestion is in the area between Dairy Circle and Christ University. This road which leads to The Forum Mall, sees heavy traffic during all hours of the day. The road is narrow and traffic is sluggish in this area. To make matters worse, over 12,000 students who study at Christ University make use of this road. Several have to cross over to reach the college.

Traffic is forced to stop for the sake of students. An overbridge would help decongest the area and also provide for the safety of students. John Kennedy, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Christ University, says: “Construction of an underpass had been promised by officials and work had started, but later for reasons unknown, all activities ceased.” However, the underpass between Adugodi and Bannerghatta has drawn widespread appreciation. Venkatesh, an autorickshaw driver says: “The underpass has really helped ease traffic congestion. Previously, vehicles going to Lalbagh, Bannerghatta, Adugodi and Koramangala used the same junction. This created many jams. Now vehicles going to Bannerghatta and Audugodi can bypass this area completely.”

TRAFFIC POLICE SPEAK (Adugodi Traffic Police)

- Although the flyover has eased the congestion in and around the structure, it has led to congestion near Nimhans Junction and Christ University.

- Pedestrian crossing facilities should have been introduced.