All about loving the subjects

All about loving the subjects


Science toppers

Ayush Bhargava, 98%
National Public School, Indiranagar

In his own words, Ayush Bhargava is “very very very happy”. “I am extremely excited,” he says enthusiastically. “I had not prepared much for the CBSE exams since most of my focus was on competitive exams. But I paid 100 per cent attention in school and my mom also teaches the 12th grade so whenever I had any doubts, I used to ask her,” he says.

“My teachers and parents have helped me out a great deal,” he adds. “My parents are extremely happy and are planning to throw a party. I was in for a surprise as I had not scored so much in a long time,” he says. However, Ayush did not cut down on the fun. “I play a lot of badminton. During the study holidays, I used to watch a lot of TV, listen to music and hang out with friends,” he says. Ayush has appeared for the competitive exams and is planning to do engineering. “Hopefully I will make it to the IIT,” he says.  

Shruti Rijhwani, 97.6%
National Academy for Learning

Shruti landed in Bangalore from her holiday to some great news. Having scored 97.6 per cent in her CBSE exams, she is truly ecstatic. “I am really really happy,” she says. So are her parents. “I was preparing for the competitive exams and was concentrating a lot on them because they are quite difficult. But I studied for the CBSE exams a month before the exams,” she says. “I solved the previous years’ papers and made sure I studied everyday. I did not take a break for even a day,” she adds. Shruti also cut down on other activities. “I did not go anywhere for three or four months before the papers,” she says.

Her hobbies include swimming and playing the piano. “I want to get into IIT Chennai or BITS Pilani,” she says about her future. 

Neha Arora, 96.8%
National Public School, Rajajinagar

The excitement in Neha’s voice is unmistakable. “It feels so good to have scored so well. Finally all the hard work has paid off,” she says. Her parents are also quite excited with the results. Neha says ‘burning the midnight oil’ is not her style.

“I don’t think you need to stay up all night to study,” she says. “I attended coaching classes for the medical entrance exams but studying for CBSE exams is a bit different,” she adds.

Her hobbies include sports and reading. She is now concentrating on getting admission in some of the best medical colleges.

“Except for AIIMS, the other competitive exams are over,” she says. 

Shashank Anand, 96.6%
National Academy for Learning

Shashank Anand seems quite pleased with his result in the CBSE exams but prefers downplaying his happiness. “It’s fine,” he says about the results.

“I am happy about it. My parents are happy too,” he adds. He says he studied during the last part of the academic year and made sure he prepared well for all the unit tests in school.

“January and February were the months when I could study for these exams,” he says. He says that basketball is a hobby he makes time for. Shashank has already chalked out his future plans.

“I have gotten into the University of California San Diego where I plan to study bioengineering,” he says.

Commerce toppers

Neha K Budhgavi, 95.2%
Army Public School

As soon as the results were out, Neha celebrated her success with her parents by having lunch at the Lalit Ashok. “I am happy with my score and all the family members are excited. When I finished my tenth, everybody advised me to take science but I was passionate about commerce.  My love for the subjects made me excel in the exams,” she opines. Neha is good at painting, sketching and Western classical music. She wants to pursue B Com along with a course in company secretariat. She has a piece of advice for her juniors. “Love the subjects you have chosen and marks will automatically follow.”

Anjana K,  94.4%
Kendriya Vidyalaya

The results came as a surprise for Anjana as she emerged as the commerce topper in her school. Hence, celebrations continued at home the whole day. “My mother prepared sweets and my relatives started wishing me and giving me gifts,” she says. She adds that her consistent efforts yielded fruitful results. “I prepared a time table and studied accordingly. I put in extra effort for tougher subjects. The credit goes to my teachers who taught us wonderfully,” she says. Anjana is also good at drawing and painting. She is planning to pursue BCom at St Joseph’s College of Commerce and wants to become a chartered accountant.