A splendid feast for the eyes

A splendid feast for the eyes

Small Steps

Spectacular: One of the participants.

The event began with an invocation dance by T G Radhika, after which Ravi Tejas, a four-year-old-boy performed an outstanding dance piece with swiftly rotating burning sticks in different directions.

The audience was dumbstruck by his flawless acrobatic skills and cheered him all along.  Impressed with his dancing talents, a member of the audience awarded him a cash prize.  Tanoj set the stage on fire with his fabulous performance as the first contestant from junior category.

Then came Shobhini who matched steps to the songs of ‘Jackie’. Fida stole the hearts of the audience dancing to the song Ra Ra. Varshini, another constant from junior category, performed a Masala song and grabbed the first place in the junior girls’ category.

Sadhwin Shetty received rave reviews from the judges for his enticing performance on actor Allu Arjun’s chartbusters and walked away with the first prize. The finale was held in three different categories — junior, senior and group dance. Nikhil and Smitha won the awards in senior category in the boys and girls section respectively.

The team called the ‘Flying Birds’ emerged victorious in the group dance event.

Actors Yash and Ragini Dwivedi graced the occasion and encouraged the little ones. They were sportive enough to perform on stage. Yash danced to the superhit song ‘Jackie Jackie’ and Ragini was at her best dancing to the hit number Crazy Kiya Re.

Choreographers Chandra Mohan, Supriya Laxman and Danny judged the show. “Tho­ugh this contest was meant for kids, the quality of the performances was of a superior kind.

The way the kids danced with passion and energy was amazing. I had come for shopping. But when I saw the dance contest going on, decided to stay back and watch the kids in action. If this competition happens again next year, I will sure make my kids participate,” says Mofees Iqbal, a member of the audience.