Lure of liquor kills snake-bitten man

Lure of liquor kills snake-bitten man

According to the police, Nagaraj, a shop owner and neighbour of Muthyalappa at Krishnanandanagar spotted a cobra in his shop on Sunday evening. He and Muthyalappa caught the cobra and decided to release it in a forest. They packed the Cobra in a bag and proceeded towards a forest area on Nagaraj’s bike.

On the way, the snake managed to bite Muthyalappa. Nagaraj stopped the bike and hurriedly released the cobra.

He gave Muthyalappa Rs 500 and advised him to go to a hospital. Muthyalappa did not accept the advice. He went to a liquor shop, got drunk and went home and slept. He died in his sleep.

Siblings drown

Two siblings drowned in Jakkur lake on Monday. The dead have been identified as Girish Naik (12) and Vinay Naik (8), natives of Bijapur.

Vinay and Girish walked towards the lake along with their sister Shruti Bai. While Shruti sat on the bank, the brothers played in the lake. Shruti screamed for help when she could not spot her brothers. The passersby alerted the police, who with the aid of the local people traced the bodies.