Financially struggling PCB's officials draw fat salaries

Financially struggling PCB's officials draw fat salaries

According to documents submitted by the board in the national assembly in response to questions put forward by some members, it has transpired that the PCB presently employs 523 officials in different grades.

For a country faced with security issues and with little hope of international cricket being revived soon in Pakistan, the number of employees surprised many members of parliament and sports minister Engineer Shaukatullah, who has been very impressed with the working of the board and its Chairman Ijaz Butt.

The salary structure and perks of the board, especially for its employees on higher position, also makes interesting reading.

Director of cricket Javed Miandad, a former captain, draws a bigger salary (Rs 750,000) than chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed, who is paid a salary of Rs 500,000.
Miandad is also entitled to an astonishing 450 litres of petrol and a 1600 CC car while the COO is entitled to a 2000 CC vehicle.

Director cricket operations Zakir Khan draws a salary of Rs 440,497 and with perks of a 1300 CC car and Rs 10,000 allowance for mobile, he is also entitled to Rs 23,000 provident fund.

Former Test batsman Haroon Rasheed, who is head of development at the National Cricket Academy, draws a salary of Rs 262,000 with a 1300 CC car and Rs 5000 mobile allowance while his younger brother, Mohtasham Rasheed, who is a fielding coach at the academy, draws a salary of Rs 154,000.

At a time when there is serious concern over the lack of quality talent in the country, the board is also paying its panel of coaches and technical experts handsomely.

GM academies, Ali Zia gets Rs 220,000, manager coaches education, Shahid Aslam gets Rs 154,000, Wasim Bari who was recently demoted from the post of CCO to director education, is paid a monthly salary of Rs 300,000 rupees.

The coach of the Pakistan team, Waqar Younis is drawing a salary of Rs 650,000 per month and is entitled to mobile allowance, a 1600 CC car and 200 litres of petrol.

The long serving manager of the Pakistan team, Intikhab Alam, who is also employed at the national academy, gets a monthly salary of Rs 500,000 and assistant coach, Aaqib Javed, also employed on the academy payroll, gets Rs 350,000 per month.

Interestingly, the Chairman of the board is a honorary post as he is directly appointed by the chief patron of the board, the President of the country, but he is entitled to unlimited perks like daily allowances on foreign and inland tours, five star hotel stays, petrol, and utility bills among others.